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FAQ: Mobile Monday Seoul Brief

What does the Brief cover?
It introduces trends in Korea’s mobile sector and market conditions moment-by-moment. You’ll obtain insight into specific issues and even market information about specific subjects.

How often is it issued?
The Brief is published monthly. Mobile Monday Seoul charts are shown on the website for free.

How much is a subscription?
USD 390/month : USD3,900/year.

Isn’t the price a bit high?
It’s a subscription license based on a business unit, not an individual. Therefore, tens or hundreds of employees in a company can share it, and thus, the price is quite cost effective.

Following subscription, in what form will we receive the Brief?
You will receive it in PDF format via email.

Can we include contents from the Brief in our external presentation materials?
It is only necessary to disclose the source, apart from that, there are no other limits.

Will the Brief cover issues that I have questions about?
Of course. Let us know your questions regarding Korea’s mobile market and we will actively address them in the Mobile Monday Seoul Brief in consecutive order.