Invitation to Mobile ROI: Mobile Marketing & Ad Conference in Seoul


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Invitation to Mobile ROI: Mobile Marketing & Ad Conference in Seoul

If you are leader in the Mobile Marketing and Ad market, show your value to Korean Marketers and Developers

In Korea, half the nation and most of the economically-active population rapidly adopted the use of smartphones in just over three years. As mobile devices have emerged and penetrated daily life, new media and businesses are growing increasingly interested in mobile marketing and advertising. The key of course lies in implementation, how does one specifically do this?

Is it better to do mobile marketing right now? If so, how? Is the return on investment guaranteed? How can we reach expectations without failure?

To share clear answers to these questions, a “Mobile ROI: Mobile Marketing & Advertising Conference” will be held in Seoul on September 10th.

This conference is an opportunity for marketers and advertisers to gain insight into how to devise an effective mobile marketing and advertising strategy and to meet potential partners.

App developers can acquire app marketing know-how about how to inform and reach more consumers to offer them the useful apps they have developed and to increase profits.

Don’t miss the “Mobile Marketing & Advertising Conference” where information will be shared and networking high among all the players of the mobile marketing and advertising ecosystem, including: brand marketers, agencies, mobile advertising platform companies, technology providers and mobile operators.

The Mobile ROI: Mobile Marketing and Advertising conference in Seoul provides a unique opportunity for sponsors to target a highly-focused audience that is intent to learn more about mobile marketing and advertising.

If you are interested in sponsorship and exhibition opportunities please contact us via email: